Texas style slow smoked barbecue 

  14123 Brandywine Road Brandywine Maryland 20613


  of Maryland

Texas 202 Barbeque of Maryland


Closed Every

Sunday and Monday

Baby Back Rib Saturday Special 

Half Slab (about 6 bones)

two different sides and bread 


Baby Back Rib Saturday Special

Full Slab (about 12 bones 

Two Different sides and Bread


Welcome to Texas 202 Barbeque of Brandywine Maryland 


One dozen 16/20 Jumbo Shrimp

served with Hush Puppies


Two sides of your Choice 




Sliced Beef Brisket 9.25

Pulled Pork (seasoned) 7.99

Chicken Sandwich (Breast and wing) White Meat 6.75

Chicken Sandwich (Leg and Thigh) Dark Meat 6.25

Smoked Sliced Turkey Breast Sandwich 8.29

Rib Sandwich (4 St. Louis Ribs) 7.99

Smoked Sausage Sandwich 7.99

Chopped Beef Brisket Sandwich 9.25

Texas Combo (Beef and Sausage Sandwich)


(All plates served with two sides)

Sliced Beef Brisket Plate 12.99

Chopped Beef Brisket Plate 12.99

Rib Plate 12.99

Chicken Plate (1/2 chicken) 10.99

Sausage Plate (Spicy, Mild, Lockhart) 11.00

Seasoned Pulled Pork Plate 10.00

Beef Rib Plate 18.59


Catfish filet 7 to 9 oz. $6.50

Catfish Sandwich $7.99

served w/ one side your choice of wheat or white bread

Fish and Shrimp Plate $16.99

Your choice of Whiting or Catfish served with 6 shrimps, Hush Puppies and 2 sides

Shrimp each $.89ea. order 1 – 100

Peeled and deveined jumbo shrimp 21/25

Shrimp Plate $13.75

Twelve 21/25 Jumbo Shrimp Hush Puppies and 2 sides

Whiting Sandwich $8.99

Four pieces of whiting

Whiting Dinner $11.99

Four pieces of whiting served with two side and wheat bread, White Bread or Cornbread

Seafood Gumbo Bowl 16oz $6.50

Served with rice your choice of Crackers, Wheat bread, White bread or cornbread

Maryland Crab Cake with New Orleans style Seasoning $13.29

Half Pound Crab Cake Maryland Lump

Maryland Crab Cake Combo with New Orleans Style Seasoning $16.79

Served with Half Pound Maryland Lump Crab meat, one side and a drink

Combination Plates

Two Meat Plate $13.00

Three Meat Plate $15.00

Hoya Special a Four Meat Plate $19.84

Hoya’s vs Cougars 1984

All combination plates served with 2 side and bread of your choice

Louisiana Pork and Rice Boudin $6.59

Louisiana Boudin Balls 6 for $4.99

Served with crackers, White bread, Wheat bread, or cornbread

Hamburger $6.29

Cheeseburger $6.99

Bacon Cheeseburger $7.99

Double Hamburger $8.59

Double Cheeseburger $8.99

Double Meat Bacon Cheeseburger $9.99

All burgers are served with seasoned fries


Potato Salad

Mac and Cheese

Sweet Corn on the cob

String Beans 

Collard Greens

Candied Yams

Cole Slaw

Baked Beans

Seasoned White Rice with or without Gravy

Seasoned Fries

Onion Rings

Hush Puppies


White Bread 


Wheat Bread


Sliced Brisket

Chopped Brisket

Smoked Turkey

Spicy Sausage

Mild Sausage

Lockhart Ring Mild

Lockhart Ring Spicy

Smoked Chicken 

Seasoned Pulled Pork

Spare Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

St. Louis Pork Ribs (Sandwich Only)

Beef Finger Ribs

[we have not created a Barbecue and Seafood Plate]

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Welcome to Texas 202 Barbeque

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               You may not like everything from Texas, but you will enjoy the deep rich smoke flavor of our Texas style barbecue Brisket, Ribs, Chicken and Sausage. No brag just facts, try it for yourself put quality to the test and you will rethink the rest. 

               We guarantee we will never take short cuts when it comes to serving you and your party. Our company takes pride in serving you with the best in barbecue meats, our products are fresh and cooked to order with you in mind. Great care is given to making your function a success. Many companies want your business, but we deserve your business because we'll work for you to ensure your wishes and desires are satisfied.

Barbecue the sweet smell of meat cooked over a real pit fire to a tender and succulent piece of culinary delight. Texas Barbecue an experience that will last a while.   

Oak Fired Pit

We use oak wood to smoke meat

Beeville Texas

The Texas Shrimp Boat

Texas Brisket

Low and Slow Beef Brisket